It's Here!!!!!

The Nikon D4! I went to pick up the camera in NYC on 3/21/12. Figured I would post some initial impressions of it.

Things I noticed:

1. Feels a lot more comfortable than the D3S.
2. The sound of the shutter is awesome :-)
3. Live View is smoother and looks much better than the D3S
4. AF acquisition and accuracy is faster than the D3S
5. Video @ 1080p looks AMAZING!
6. At first I was not a big fan of the XQD card, but seeing as they included one and a reader I may invest in a couple more.
7. The rubber joysticks for horizontal and vertical shooting are a godsend (I think Canon has these).
8. I love that it has the ability to display grid lines like my old D700. The D3S required a separate focusing screen for this.
9. The lens mount has a very secure fit. Tighter than the D3S and D700.
10. The new screen is super sharp and much easier to see outdoors.

11. VR can be activated via the AF-On buttons!!!! So awesome!

Here are some pics from NYC!

ISO 4000

ISO 12,800

ISO 2500

ISO 2500

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